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F I R S T / A N G E L S
Hand Holding The Future

The objective at FIRST/ANGELS is to connect with the community of Investors, Mentors and other like minded people who compliment the case of Entrepreneurship. 

FirstAngels is a platform that works closely with investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial gurus who combine their skills and experience to work with young entrepreneurs and help them move to the next level and become successful business owners.


We are more than just Angel Investors. We are a community of experts that invest our time, expertise, infrastructure and money in exchange for equity with the objective to perpetuate the spirit of entrepreneurship while creating wealth, happiness and fulfillment for all those involved.



FirstAngels provides a common platform for numerous Angel Groups / Professional Investors and also guides you through the process of honing your application and connecting / negotiating with the right investors. 

A long journey starts with the First Step. We suggest you submit your business plan below.


Angel investing offers a completely different opportunity for a range of investors across a variety of businesses.

We share appropriate opportunities that suit your interest and profile to choose from from our deal flows.

Connect with us with your brief Profile and we shall  take the discussion forward.



Mentors are the real resource, who are the front row critics and most enthusiastic supporters.

The guidance of a startup business mentor can be of great value to any startup business. 

Please write to us with your brief profile and area of expertise, if you want to join our pool of experienced and talented business mentors.

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